Subsidizing labor costs for America's largest company

Yet more antecedental data on how the American people are expected to subsidize the labor costs of some of America's largest and most profitable companies.

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An advocacy group called Organization United for Respect is chastising Walmart for setting out storage containers to collect donations for employees who can't afford a Thanksgiving dinner.

The web page and Facebook page of the group feature a photo of two storage containers underneath a sign that says, "Please donate food items here so Associates in Need can enjoy Thanksgiving dinner."

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F. George McDuffee
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"F. George McDuffee" wrote in message news:

I don't understand why charity was expected to cover the medical costs resulting from the Boston Marathon terrorist attack on US foreign policy.

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Jim Wilkins

Because most insurance companies don't, perhaps?

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Larry Jaques


Wal-Mart GIVES employees a turkey for thanksgiving, and they also run in house events to collect money, stuff for associates who hit a hard spot (house fires, major illnesses, vehicle accidents with injuries and such)

They also have programs in place to donate money to outside organizations (MY FD gets a check every 6-12 months for 2-3,000.00 that is given for the people at the DC who volunteer in the communities. They also have sent MASSIVE amounts of food, clothes and household items into the areas damaged by storms and floods.

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Steve W.

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