Temporary job ads?

My neighbor tried that. He's a super Jesus freak and he brought a new churchee home to work for him. The guy wasn't bad for a month or so, then he started asking to borrow the neigbor's tools. About a month after that, he stopped attending church and never returnd the neighbor's $900 DR Mower, his $350 Husky weedeater, and some other hand tools worth another hundred or two. Evidently, the guy was a junkie and needed a fix. The cops knew his name when they heard it. He won the court proceedings but never got a dime out of the idiot. Caveat Fleecee.
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Larry Jaques
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Bob, I accidentally have some luck with my sole permanent employee who works for me right now. He is a conscientious person and likes to do things well, even when I am not asking for it.
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Pay him well, and let him know he is appreciated.
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Bob La Londe
If he wasn't such a leftist ass, he could contact the local Vets Helping Vets. Most areas have returning military who need any work they can get, to get back on their feet and VHV is the place to start looking.
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Michael A. Terrell

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