the 'puter scooter

There really is such a thing as a 15-minute project.
More surprisingly, I was able to do one -- Jeff Wisnia take note!
Turds not even varnished, much less gilded here ....
My new 'puter sits under a bench on the concrete floor of "the
addition" to my lab/shop/sanctum sanctorum. I had it in a
cardboard box so I could slide it out for messing with cables, etc.
Not a long-term solution!
I picked up four cheap casters on the way home from the dentist, cut
out a rectangle from a scrap of plywood, shot 16 screws with the
cordless drill and declared it done.
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Don Foreman
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Looks good, I might use a skate board wheel set. Being from the Cruz area, having a scrap skate board is common. The good ones moved out last week. :-)
Good idea - and keeps the puter off the possible dirty floor. But you lost a good heat sink!
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Martin H. Eastburn
You might want to fit a 'filter' over that vent/port in the side too. Sucking in welding/grinding 'crap' that is more than likely conductive may considerably shorten the computers life and may well release the 'magic smoke'!
In fact it may pay you to make a frame to hold either full or half sized 'furnace filters' and surround that puppy.
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Larry Green
Good eye, Larry! It's in the plan. I use material cut from filter material for window-shaker A/C units. It's hard to find in MN this time of year but I have some on hand from last summer. It'll go over the intake, what you see is the exhaust port.
I change filters on my puters when I change furnace filters: next scheduled change is 31 March. It's on the calendar.
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Don Foreman
Why not a notebook?
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Ted Edwards
I've been using a notebook for years, waiting for flat panel monitors to come of age. I wanted a big screen with good resolution. This one is 20", with 1600 x 1200 res. The resolution isn't markedly greater than that of my notebook, but the larger size makes it much easier for me to see comfortably. The color is also considerably better, very noticable when working with digital photos.
Also, since I don't need portability, I get more 'puter for the money in a tower, it's easier to upgrade or repair as necessary, and it's considerably faster for same clock speed because notebooks (and processors used in notebooks) compromise speed to get low power consumption. Speed is nice when doing SPICE simulations.
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Don Foreman

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