trying to find an adapter for a tig torch welding shop was no help

I stumbled across an old tig torch (Union carbide HW26) and i was trying to adapt it for use on my new welder.

the old torch is a single cable one (GAs and power) has a threaded fitting that looks line the ones to my gas regolator only bigger (7/8

14 TPI threded insert that pushes against a fitting)

the PROBLEM is my welder uses a GAS Dinse (Gas fed through dinse type plug and to torch)

i took my torch to my usual welding shop and they couldnt find anything at either miller or weldcraft to help and i'm trying to find out if anyone has seen an adaptor to adapt that type of fitting to a dinse connector?

Otherwise I guess have a lathe project modifying a dinse connector to fit my needs

the backup torch is always good especially since its longer

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Check this out.

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Any welding supplier can order from CK.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

also try Mittler

Mittler Supply (welding) (708) 425-5155 Rick,

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