Using Handwheel Collet Closer

I have a Handwheel Collet Closer that came with my Sheldon Lathe. I
have been having problems with runout on a 3 jaw chuck so I figured
that I would use a 5C collet and the Handwheel Collet closer to check
the spindle runout. I chucked up a piece of 1/2" drill rod in the
appropriate size 5C collet and checked for run out. It was in the area
of .0005. Anyway, I noticed that if I thread the collar onto the
spindle all of the way the tapered nosepiece that fits inside of the
collar that the collet goes into does not touch the shoulder of the
collar. There is a gap of aroud 1/8" maybe a little bigger between the
shoulder of the collar and the back shoulder of the nosepiece. I
understand that by unthreading the collar a little I can close this
space up.
So is the proper procedure to: Thread the collar onto the spindle,
then put the nosepiece into the spindle firmly, move the collar up to
the nosepiece and leave maybe a .001 gap or smaller, insert the
handwheel and the collet and tighten the whole thing up and make sure
that the nosepiece seats against the shoulder of the collar.
I was under the impression that the collar had to thread onto the
spindle all the way up to the shoulder of the spindle like a regular
chuck. I guess this was incorrect or isn't it? Any help greatly
appreciated. Thanks, Steve
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The collar is just there to be able to pop the nosepiece off when you go to switch back to the 3 jaw chuck. It should never touch the nosepiece or else the taper on the nosepiece will not fully seat on the spindle taper. Just thread the collar on all the way by hand and you should be all set.
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