Vertex Rotary Table

I recently received a Vertex rotary table and was curious as to what
the consensus is on these numbers gotten off of the enclosed
certificate. Would these be considered average quality numbers?:
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1) Flatness of clamping surface(Concave): 0.0008"
2) Parallelism of clamping surface to base: 0.0008"
3) Squareness of clamping surface to angle face: 0.0008"
4) True running of clamping surface: 0.0006"
5) True running of center hole
(1) Measured at hole edge: 0.0008"
(2) Measured at arbor 4-in. long: 0.0012"
6) Indexing accuracy of direct indexing mechanism:
Maximum cumulative spacing error: .50"
Darren Harris
Staten Island, New York.
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Sounds average for a decent rotary table when new. Now the big question is..are you going to be using this 8 hours a day, 7 days a week? If not..dont worry about the materials holding up over years.
If you are..then perhaps a better US made rotary table may be better.
Ive got one identical to yours btw..and it works just fine, and has held up for the past 3 owners just fine
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