Very funny story (bought back a Siemens VFD I sold a year ago)

Very funny story.
Around last fall to January, I sold several Siemens VFDs.
For my Quincy I got at auction, I needed a drive, so a week ago I
purchased a Siemens drive that was rated at 25 HP. The price was $469.
When I received it today, I got a feeling that I saw it before. So I
dug my old records, and found an auction for the 25 HP drive, and
opened pictures.
To my huge surprise, the drive I bought, was oe of the drives that I
sold (looking at identifying tags). Not a similar one, but the same
physical drive. So I got my old drive, back.
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I sure hope you sold it for more than you paid back for it. d8-)
A friend of mine, who got wealthy in the newspaper business, sold his '57 T-bird for $2,500 and then bought it back 20 years later, after spending a bundle having it tracked down around the country, for $12,000 as a basket-case wreck. Then he spend $60,000 to have it restored.
I told him that I was glad his business sense had improved over the years.
-- Ed Huntress
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Ed Huntress
I paid about $30 more than I sold it for. (when shipping is factored in)
I bought it from the same person I sold it to. I have all emails from that time.
Now, I feel a little like that businessman.
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SO you paid him $30 to store it for a year and deliver it back via shipper.... Thats not too bad odds are you used the space for other things?
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On Fri, 26 Oct 2007 22:16:31 -0500, with neither quill nor qualm, Ignoramus7291 quickly quoth:
I'll bet he's laughing, too. He finally made a profit on it! Well, Ig, your method sure beats renting a storage space for a year. I still can't believe all the money people waste at those, especially when you figure in what they're storing there. If they tossed out their junk at home, they'd have room for the other complete junk they pay to store. Like lotteries, storage facilities are essentially just a tax on the dumb. (Based on a super-vast majority of the people I know and have read/heard about.)
Economically, you're miles ahead of him.
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Larry Jaques
Very funny! So, did you pay more for it than you sold it for, or less? That's the "rest of the story" we need to know!
I think there are a LOT of sophisticated items like that that just float around on eBay, over and over.
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Jon Elson

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