Workshop Safety - Funny Story

OK, this might be an urban myth but one should never let the truth get in
the way of a good story :-
A highschool teacher was taking the metalwork class starting their first
year in highschool. " Now guys, he starts, " I want you to know I insist on
safety gear being worn at all times in the metalshop. I want to see you all
wearing propper safety boots for next class when we start serious work.
Safety is our motto."
Next time they roll up for class the teech immediately inspects their
footwear, and he's not happy that most of the kids are still wearing
trainers and trendy brand name athletic shoes. " I thought I told you all
that only propper safety boots were acceptable here. It looks like young
Johnson here is the only one who listens. " So 'Sir' asks Johnson to step up
on one the benches to show the rest what he means by correct footwear.
Johnson climbs up on the bench, straightens up and puts his head right into
the blades of a ceiling fan. He was not badly injured but the school insists
he was taken to hospital to get stiches in the cuts round his forhead.
( This was supposed to have happened in a highschool in Australia and when I
heard it told on the radio I nearly fell through the floor laughing )
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