Very Old Seneca Falls Lathe

Can anyone give me more info on a 10x36" very old (serial# 003xx)
Seneca Falls lathe? It was given to me, so the price was right. I'm a
recent convert from the foreign mini-lathe. I really yearned for a
good old heavy USA lathe. I've been shopping around for a South Bend
Model A 9" but then this came along. I'm really impressed, its in
great shape, very little wear. No gear change though. I've been having
a blast mounting it on a bench, designing a motor drive in the South
Bend style.
How would this lathe compare to the old South Bends? Can I get parts
for it anywhere? Anyone else have and use one like it? It seems so
similar to the South Bend I wonder if they can share any parts?
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The parts won't be the same from a SB. The bed on you Seneca Falls is wider (the distance of the V ways) The gears are not the same either. The tapper in the head is not a MT3 and the spindle has a different diameter and TPI. Nice solid machines that look like a lathe. Good luck
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The drill chuck in the tailstock is a Jacobs arbor #2 morse tapor with #33 Jacobs tapor. Does this mean the tailstock will take standard morse tapor #2 centers?
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Be careful there. Some of teh seneca falls machines had a jarno taper in the tailstock I think. Very similar to no. 2 MT but not the same.
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jim rozen
I agree I just sold a Seneca last week and the taper looked very much like the MT #2 on my South Bend but it is different. I think the MT #2 is a bit bigger (I think) The head stock is much different, the collets that came with the lathe I sold were a NS #3 tapper, they looked alot like the 3C collets but are different. And a MT#3 wouldn't come close to fitting. The hole is smaller, all in all a nice solid little machine the head stock bears were very smooth with no drag.
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