Want to buy Haas

I am looking to purchace a used Haas mill VF1 or VF2. Prefer fairly new and good condition. Willing to pay cash. Please contact Steve at

248-545-8600 or email at snipped-for-privacy@novuscorp.org.
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Talk to Hamei on this NG (AMC).

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Proctologically Violated©®

Oops.... I meant Steven Haerr, on AMC. He just posted two Haas' for sale on AMC a few days ago. Proly good for another thread, but I just started looking at the Haas lit. from the demo. Dudes, I think this is the Microsoft of cnc. They got a marketing machine that just don't quit, yo. Their own "magazine" now, called.... CNC. Super slick. You'd think the whole of American industry is based on Haas. Even if they do rate the hp on their motors at locked rotor current.... Turns out that Engbar, one of the tooling people "affiliated" w/ Haas, is rahcheer in Ridgewood Queens, on Onderdonk Ave, a stone's throw from my hellhole. Go figger.

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Proctologically Violated©®

One thing I have to say for Haas, they always put the price of their machinery in all of their ads.

I mentioned this at work the other day. I was shopping for machinery about 8 years ago, and just like buying a new car, you couldn't even get a price over the phone.

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Jon Grimm

hey Steve,

Try Haas direct. They have "Pre-owned" for sale.

If you call, ask for Cynthia. I owe her.

Take care.

Brian Laws>I am looking to purchace a used Haas mill VF1 or VF2. Prefer fairly

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Brian Lawson

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