N Gauge Penzance ...does anyone have any pictures or track plans?

Hello, I am new to this world of model railways, and I am starting to have a look at doing a life-like replica in N Gauge of Penzance (and Long Rock/Ponsanby)station back in the mid Eighties. I have seen the web for a OO gauge, but there are no contact links for

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has done this before. If anyone DOES have track plans/photo's of Penzance (for this era or later) could you please get in contact? I would be willing to pay for hard copies if you cannot email them. my home email address is snipped-for-privacy@btopenworld.com

Many thanks to anyone who cares to read this and respond.

Kindest regards

Bill Aldridge

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This may not be much help but a couple of years ago I bought an O gauge loco from a chap called John Sanderson,He lived in the North East and had just sold an Ngauge model railway complete of Penzance built to exhibition standard along with all his stock, It had appeared is several magazines but I have lost his E.mail address !!

Anyone help find John ??

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Mike Dunning

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