Welding cast iron spear to steel picket?

I used old 1" water pipe to build a metal fence and would like to attach some cast iron spear points to the tops. The only one that fits has a solid base and I need to weld or braze or ? Any one know the best way to do this?

Thanks, RO

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Explain how it "fits" then we can better serve you.

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Tom Gardner

MIG (wire feed) welding is a lot easier to tack-weld those on, but stick should work with small rod and a quick hand.

Do some practice tacks with scraps to get down your technique, feeds and speeds. Then start on the fence and do the back-side first where nobody will see it, hopefully you'll get enough practice so the front-side welds look a lot better.

And I hope you already know to use a fan at your back and/or stay upwind from the fumes when welding anything galvanized like water pipe

- Zinc Fume Fever is nasty, and there are worse floating around with more exotic metals.


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Bruce L. Bergman

Since no one else has mentioned it, I will. Nickel rod is the best for cast iron. It works quite well for welding cast iron to steel. If you have both stick and MIG, then you might try this: put a "butter pass*" of nickel on the bottom of each spear point, and then MIG it to the pipe. This might produce a neater, less bulky weld.

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Leo Lichtman

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