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Hi everyone,

I am starting to do a lot of welding using a MIG welder. I found myself not feeling so well after a day of welding and think it was the fumes being given off may have had something to do with it. I am using a Gas less cored wire for steel. There is a lot of smoke and I was doing it indoors. I had some ventilation, but aparently not enough. The next day I used a fan to help draw the fumes away from me.

Idealy I want to use a respirator, but while looking at ones find no mention of welding fumes on any of the filters that I saw at Home Depot.

What are the worries about the fumes, are they hazardous? I have some health issues that I am worried about and that is why I am a little paranoid.

Will the standard respirator for use with organic fumes work?


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3M Model 8212 Particlate Respirator works very good. Protection from gases requires ventalation or supplied air respirator system. Try the link below for respirator informatiom.
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On Tue, 26 Oct 2004 04:57:12 -0700, "V8TR4" calmly ranted:

Paranoid is better than sick or dead. DO ventilate AND use a respirator.


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and search for "welding respirator". They appear to be similar to the organic filters with their carbon content, but I'd check with 3-M to be sure. Standard organic filters may not filter out ozone or specific flux or alloy fumes.

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Larry Jaques

I use a 3M silicon halfmask respirator with detachable particulate filters. The are good for anything from SMAW to Arc-Air.

Comfortable too.

Bert Newfoundland

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Bert and Eileen Plank

Do this:

WATCH someone else weld with flux core. See how much smoke and fumes it gives off. Now, ask yourself, "Self, is it smart to be in that cloud for hours out of the day?"

Check with OSHA or NIOSH regs for those suitable for welding. Or ............... just ask the geeks behind the counter at your local welding supply house.


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I use a north half mask respirator with the snorkel tubes that draws air from behind you. We have comined hepa/gas filters at work for everything we can be exposed to..chlorine sulphur dioxied etc. works great and takes the particulate out as well. This particular one fits nicely under the helmet too as the cartridges are behind you not on the mask itself.


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I have a U.S. Safety mask with their "7-way" filters. It says that it protects against metal fumes as well as others.

I can say this: I have COPD (related to asthma) and ozone from welding is bad news. Since I started wearing it when welding or plasma cutting, I have had no problems.

BTW, I am allergic to most grasses so I wear it for grass cutting. Works great.


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Ted Edwards

Yes, and paranoia is healthy.

There are a lot of different kinds of masks and respirators.. I'd encourage you to investigate what substances you are exposed to and what masks will protect against those substances.

When welding, I use a respirator with replaceable P100 filters. I find they work quite well except that wearing the respirator is fatigueing. (ESPECIALLY under a welding hood) Its available at most welding supply shops. (At least the ones I've been to..) I've used it for MIG/TIG/Stick and found that it prevented feeling sick after welding, dirt in the nose, and burning in the throat.. Only downside was the fatigue from the respirator..

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Except that if it's the same harness as the one I've got, it's a PITA to fit.

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