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What alloy "aluminum" are bottle openers made from. There are a couple styles.

One is quite thick, and just due to its mass it should last atleast a little while.

The other is pretty thin. No thicker than the typical flat wrench you receive with a power tool like a router or die grinder. Its pretty "tough." My son has one he won for something when he was a little kid. He'll be 26 this year. It still opens bottles just fine. Its seen some where, and the color coating is pretty much gone on all the edges, but he opened a beer bottle with it just yesterday when we were standing around in the kitchen chatting.

What is the most likely alloy for that?

I'm pretty sure its not titanium. Titanium is moderately expensive, and is considerably heavier than aluminum if not quite as heavy as steel. Maybe one of the titanium aluminum alloys?

I have never really handled any 7075 thinner than 3/4 inch. Its strong stuff, but it cuts easily. As easily as any other aluminum alloy I have cut. There is little more horsepower required, but not enough that I have to change any of my feed and speed recipes. Is it enough stronger to be used for this application?

I've made aluminum wrenches before out of 6061. Closed ones work fine if they have enough beef to them. Open ones don't last worth a darn. Even if you beef them up quite a bit.

This bottle opener is the aluminum (or some other very light alloy) equivelant of a thin open end flat wrench or single pin spanner.

What alloy of mysterium is it made of?

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Bob La Londe
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My guess would be 7075. only way to know for sure, other than a manufacturer telling you, would be to go to a scrap yard and have them "ZAP" it with their analyzer. Remove 333 to reply. Randy

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I'd be betting pretty heavily on a zinc alloy.

Simple aluminum testing solution is 20% sodium hydroxide solution. This solution dissolves aluminum(fizzes!). For zinc you can use 2 teaspoons salt/1 teaspoon copper sulphate/1 cup water solution.If object is made of zinc droplet of this solution must make it black. Both procedures works only on well cleaned surfaces

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Clare Snyder

Make one from 6061 and see how it performs.

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Jim Wilkins

How about muriatic/hydrochloric acid: zinc fizzes, aluminum does not?

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Bob Engelhardt

That would work too.

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Clare Snyder

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