What I made the wife

Someone posted a note about things he had made to suck up to the wife. I can't remember where, HSM, Parctical Machinist or ??? but I decided to post my contribution here.

My wife bought three yards of pea stone and was having trouble moving it with her shovel. I made an auxillary handle so she could better swing that shovel.

And you thought I was going to say that I took over and did the shoveling for her. Fat chance, she bought it, she can move it.

Look in

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for photos named Shovel handle and Shovel handle2

Sorry that #2 is bigger than it ought to be. I must have been not paying attention when I saved it out.

Errol Groff

Instructor, Manufacturing Technology H.H. Ellis Technical High School

613 Upper Maple Street Danielson, CT 06239

New England Model Engineering Society

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Errol Groff
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Dang, I thought I was being nice, I bought my wife a new blade for her lawnmower!!


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jim rozen

Back when I was a college kid, I bought my mom an 18" Husqvarna chainsaw one year, and a chipper/shredder the following year, as mothers' day presents. Both went over well, and the Husqvarna is still in regular use.

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Dave Hinz

It that to turn a long shovel into a "D" handle shovel? Here is a picture of one:

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With a short D handle shovel I can move dirt or gravel into a wheel burrow faster.

With loose material, I work in a slight hunched over posture and keep my arms as straight as possible. The work is done by swinging my arms.

I try to throw a shovel full a few feet every two seconds.

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Clark Magnuson

I was even nicer, I bought her a new washboard and bigger bucket, less trips to the brook to fill the tub. MG

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Besides when you need to mix some concrete she will be in good practice to assist...

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Roger Shoaf

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