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Good answer, this is correct. The answers for the rest of the set except for the cart can be seen at the link below:
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Rob H.
Looking at that cart again and it looks a LOT like the newer plastic ones you see in garden shops. Bottom tray for fertilizer/potting soil/??? and the top tray holds plant flats. I wonder if it isn't an old one from some place like Nichols/Ames or one of the other places that went out of business.
something like this
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a generic item that was used for many things though.
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Steve W.
RE: 2506 (Landing mat)
During WWII, my dad was a boiler fireman at a company that made these mats from aluminum.
Need less to say, I had quite a collection of those round slugs in my toy box.
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Lew Hodgett
2504 is a cart for ribbon wound steel strapping in shipping applications. I saw this in the Uline catalog during lunch today.
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