what is this thing

anyone got an idea what this thing is?
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this thing laying around the shop a couple of years now, thought I'd
have a use for it by now..
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My guess :
Take a cable or rope. Put a knot on the end. (buckle for the cable.) Pass the cable through the slot with the knot in the 'center' section - tight up the slotted straight. Then using the arm as a crank and holding the other straight - rotate as a brace with a bit in it.
? That is what popped into my mind. Likely something like that - or maybe it is a sprinkler key -
slide the slot over a handle (single sided) and the center of the pipe over the shaft. Rotate as a brace - turn on or off the 'water'.....
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lionslair at consolidated dot
Submit it to the guy who runs
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- once a week, on news:rec.puzzles, he puts up some new unknown stuff, and usually crossposts, but I don't know if he usually includes r.c.m in the crosspost. The subject line is always "What Is It "
Somebody, somewhere on the planet, might know what it is!
Good Luck! Rich
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Rich Grise

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