What we need is a whole lot more metalwork and a lot less OT

[If you're from the 60s you remember old lyric that is twisted from.]
One thing about rcm and s.e.j.w. is the usual absence of the pointless
no-budge arguements about off-topic b.s. Try 15min in some group
like rec.photo.eqt.35mm to see the pointless nikon vs. canon
or kodak vs. fuji arguements. It is always take no prisoners over the
stupidest stuff. Never really see that here. The Lincoln people
give the Miller people their due and likewise the Hobart and on and
That civility is a welcome event in an America that is increasingly
closed minded on the right and on the left. I read these groups
to enjoy a little community about a common interest and learn from
Please take the OT to a group that wants to see your opinions
and throw down your gauntlet there. Let's get back to metalworking
around here. I can tell I don't agree w/ about 60% of what 50% of
the posters here think, but I really like reading what you
think about metalworking. Flipping down my hood and getting
back to work here, John
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here here ;)
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Can yew saaaay, "Delete"? Ieeee kneww yew could.
Can yew saaaay, "Ignore"? Ieeee kneww yew could.
Can yew saaaay, "Filter"? Ieeee kneww yew could.
Can yew saaaay, "Block Sender"? Ieeee kneww yew could.
Can yew saaaay, "NetNanny"? Ieeee kneww yew could.
It's a byooootiful daaaay in the neighborhood ...........
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I agree! I took this to the next level yesterday when I met with a bunch of friends at a coffee house and blasted them when the discussion deviated from coffee.
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Tom Gardner
So you were sitting in a coffee shop in the coffee discussion area , and no one was talking about coffee? What a shame, do you need directions to a coffee house which only allows coffee discussions ?
Joel. phx
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Joel Corwith
Have a look at rec.boating. Might as well be rec.politics. Or is that your point, there is no need to have any rec.x.x?
Joel. phx
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Joel Corwith
A. You can automatically filter out OT stuff by filtering for OT in the subject.
B. You forgot to put OT in your header, which it certainly is.
John wrote:
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Scott Moore
Good one, Tom (again)
WB ...............
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Wild Bill
Read all the stuff from authors of OT material. Then, eliminate all those you don't agree with politially, or otherwise. Then among the remaider, eliminate those that seem to know what they are talking about but generate the longest, most pedantic answers; as if they are trying to impress you with the depth of their knowledge. Now that you've got it narrowed down, notice how some responders almost always wait until a thread has gone on a long time before posting their comments. Sometimes, all they know is what they have learned by reading the thread but they'd have you believe they are expert in whatever the subject may be. Eliminate these on an "eeny-meenie-miney-moe" basis (some do know what they are talking about; others just like to argue). Watch out for posters, described above, that even when proved wrong, never admit it. A big ego oftentimes denotes a small mind.
On the other hand, read RCM, filtered according to your own level of expertise and enjoy! Among all the chaff is a lot of wheat! You'll not find a better news group, anywhere. Personally, I read most of what is offered, for it is mostly always entertaining, to say the least. Over the years, some of the threads have either been downright informative, or have caused me to enter into further research.
Bob Swinney
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Robert Swinney
snipped-for-privacy@hotmail.com (John) wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@posting.google.com:
You really only need to add a very limited number of posters to your plonk file for the hot air to diminish quite considerably. Bringing this up only generates more hot air..been there, done that, got the t-shirt...since it is not a moderated newsgroup, it is, in reality, up to the _reader_ to filter out what they do not wish to read. Using a good newsreader like Xnews with scoring makes a large difference also.
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