Old Lawn Boy Mower!

Hello everyone!
We have an old lawn boy riding mower,
with Briggs & Stratton engine, which we
rarely use.
No it is not for Sale, we are trying to fix it
and get some mileage for the money.
Could anyone Please: Explain the reason why
the air valves on the rear wheels are on the inside,
while the front are mounted on the outside ??
It is a pain to inflate the rear wheels because of the
axle support plate it to close to the tire.
Please Accept my Thanks in advance for Your
Comment or Explanation, Have A Nice Day ! x@y

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On many rider mowers, it is possible to turn the wheels around to get a wider (more stable) stance. Take 'em off, and turn 'em around.
HTH, Joe
"x@y" wrote:
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Through uncautious steering while trying to cut grass up against a curb I've bent one outward pointing valve stem on a front wheel of my riding mower so much it cracked and leaked.
Perhaps that's why yours are that way?
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Jeff Wisnia
"Joe" wrote in message ...
to get a
Hello "Joe" !! On this one is not possible to just turn them around, unless I redrill the drive Axle, on the inside.
The Rim has a bushing fitting over the driveshaft drilled on the outside and they are both pinned toghether, if reverse them or exchange them right to left and viceverse I will have no hole on the axle to pin them down unless I drill a new hole. Thank You very Much for Your suggestion. x@y. =============================================
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"Jeff Wisnia" wrote in message snipped-for-privacy@c>
against a curb
my riding
Hello "Jeff" !! I was thinking the same thing, maybe to protect the valves from stabs, branches, ect.
As I mentioned on my post on the front wheels the valves are on the outside, but so far they did not get damaged. I shall call this "The Wonders of Engineering"
Thank You very Much for Your Input. x@y
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Weld a piece f tubing/pipe onto the rim around the valve stem. This is what they do on heavy equipment, like backhoes. It protects the stem and allows you to get to it to put air in the tire.
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"Fuhh" wrote in message ...
This is
Hello "Fuhh" !! We are going to decide what is more practical to do. Your suggestion or drill a valve hole on the outside and put a tube and they will be permanently fixed, if this is to expensive we have to try Your idea, but we have to take the tires off the rim before welding, they are tubeless tires.
Thank You very Much for Your Input. x@y.
against a curb
my riding
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