Who knows where the time goes

I make all sorts of plans for things, and then it seems reality comes in and flattens everything like sand castles at the beach. I had to take the dog to the vet today, and that turned into a much longer trip than I thought. Bottom line, I didn't get squat done at home. Dog is fine, but had to put her to sleep to do a couple of things to her. Interesting as I got to watch and participate. Still ......

I thought I'd have all this time when I retired.

Where does it all go?


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Steve B
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"Life is what happens while you're making other plans." -- Somebody Wise:)

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John Husvar

Time does not go. We do. Time stays.

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Hey Steve,

'Nother few months, and it will be ten years for me. Certainly, one of the great time consumers is the move you made (as we did) from one homestead to another. It takes years and years and years to "feather a nest" to satisfy both SWMBO and oneself. I do think that retirees who DON'T move to newer digs are better off time wise, but sometimes, as in my case, it is necessary to get the shop you "want". Note I say "want", and not NEED !!!! Some of the very best model engineers I know work in shops that are so small and so poorly equipped as to make you think maybe elves come in overnight and cart off the raw stock and return it in the morning all machined up!!!!!!!

And this damn computer sure takes up a lot of what should be "shop" time.

Take care. Have fun. You won't get out alive anyway.

Brian Lawson, Bothwell, Ontario.

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Brian Lawson

It goes down the Great Global Tidy Bowl Swirl (tm)...

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Pete C.

--Try that with half a dozen doggies! SWMBO rescues cockers; we get the ones nobody wants (deaf, blind, one has a heart defect, etc) and I provide the lap. It's amazing I get *anything* done in the shop any more.. ;-)

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