WhooHoo! I kin see! Welding helmet sensitivity and halogen lamp

Thanks, Don Foreman for checking out my helmet and pronouncing it good. I kept troubleshooting. It turns out that apparently, my 50W quartz - halogen welding lamp has a color temperature distribution smack in the center of the helmets sensitivity. I turned it off and substituted a cool white fluorescent desk lamp.

No problemo. Helmet works great! I can see what I'm doing, way better!

My apologies to the fine folks at Jackson for casting aspersions on their fine product.

I appreciate all the help and suggestions offered by other RCMers as well.


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Welding is always much easier when you can see.

Steve ;-)

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Not the first time I have heard of lights affecting electronics. I found that the screw-in florecent lights were affecting the remote for my parents tv :-) I had to turn the light off if I wanted to change the channel..........

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James P Crombie

"James P Crombie" wrote

I have a NexGen EQC, and I can say that it is one of the top pieces of equipment I have. I know they have a few quirks, but by and large, an autodark hood is a very handy thing. Especially if you do a LOT of welding.


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Da nada. I'm glad you're cookin' now. That NextGen is a nice helmet.

I had no problem with your helmet us>Thanks, Don Foreman for checking out my helmet and pronouncing it good.

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Don Foreman

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