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I grew up with a wood stove. I wondered if adding a stove to my house would help out with my propane cost in the winter. I have als heard that some of these can heat your hot water. I would love an outdoor unit but they are out of my proce range. I have a pre fab type fireplace but no massonary chimnay. WOuld it be possible to mount a stove flush in this spot? I know I will have to replace my current chimney pipe with class A chimney. Can I do this from the top, pulling the old pipe up and out and installing the new that way? Is there a way to mount a stove in my current openign flush after taking the insert out and making it look and work right? (AAnd be safe). Would there be a way to distrubute the heat from the stove to the back end of the house where the bedrooms are? Maybe installing another return register in the living room and running the central air unit's fan? I appreciate any advice and help. Here is a copy of a video of my current set up.


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They have 'inserts' that run a large SS tube (flex) just in case your mortar is bad or broken bricks... Great for Earthquake country...

The professional inserts - not stand along units - are flush with the sides.

Mart> I grew up with a wood stove. I wondered if adding a stove to my house

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Martin Eastburn

Just saw this. Know nothimg about them.

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Anything is feasible - but unless you have access to free wood, it will be cheaper with what you got. And, as has been mentioned the stove probably needs to be EPA certified its a lot of hard work feeding the things - depending where you are, you will need a huge amount of wood to get thru the winter....

My 80yo cousin in Tasmania still cuts his own wood - he has a block

20km out of town, takes his chainsaws out in the back of his tray body landcruiser, cuts a truckload, loads it, then brings it home to split it. Has to do this every 2 weeks, and he is slowing down a bit these days....

Andrew VK3BFA.

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Andrew VK3BFA

My neighbor get free wood delivered. He knows several people that do tree removal and allows them to dump wood on his property. He has an outside wood furnace that will take wood bigger than he can lift. And still he left for Florida in January with his fifth wheel travel trailer and still has not come back.


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I am not sure if any of these publications would be of help:

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I sure found them interesting.

Michael Koblic, Campbell River, BC

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