Aldi Angle Grinder

I picked up one of those £8 angle grinders at Aldi the other day. All seems fine, but I can't believe how loud it is (I mean the noise it makes on its own, not the extra from cutting)! I think that must explain the price.

Anyone else got one?


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Wot ??

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John Stevenson Nottingham, England.

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John Stevenson


Yes, I bought one last time round. they make a noise like a tin of nails on spin dry. Even my Draper one is quieter. Can't imagine theres much in the way of bearings in there, but its too cheep to take apart and find out.

Best tip: buy two or three, and a good set of ear-defenders. And, obviously, a face shield.

Have fun,


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I bought a pear- nope bought a pare, nope, bought a pair, last time round.

It's the Bells, the Bells. It 'll drive me to drink. The Bells, The Bells.

And I also bought one of the cut off tools- ouch!

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