At Aldi'S

Sack barrows for a tenner a throw at local Aldi's, yesterday. Two 10" pneumatic wheels on ball brgs. Couldn't make one for that!

I've been monitoring them for a few weeks, plently of end of range engineering stuff that just isn't moving. I'll have one of those chop-off saws when then price is right.


David P.

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David Powell
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There is a similar pile of old offers that aren't moving in our Aldi. The big problem is that the price cards disappear once the offer is over so you don't know what the price is or even if it has been reduced.


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Bob Minchin

Got one of those about 2 years ago from the local pile-em-high-and-sell-em cheap, rather than Aldi. Brilliant value, and has stood outside all this time without too many signs of rust.


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Peter Neill

In article , Peter Neill writes

Me too. Came from Trago Mills a year ago. Done sterling service! :D


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JC Morrice

Can't justify going to Trago's any more since Mum moved away from Ashburton :-(

Mark Rand RTFM

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Mark Rand

It was the Liskeard one for me when mother lived in St Germans !


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Andrew Mawson

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