Can you identify this lathe.

Just saw this on fleabay, made by Myford, at their Dunstable branch apparently. It looks vaugely familiar, but at the same time there is something not quite right about it. Perhaps made for use on the continent?

Ebay item number 290105851475 or

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Stu G

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Looks like a Left hand Drive continental Seven to me ;)

Wonder whats broken on the apron?


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dave sanderson

Cross slide and bedways finished in red oxide patina too! Great!


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Bob Minchin

Isn't that view the back of the Lathe?

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Dave Croft

Rear view of a Myford Super 7 mounted the wrong way on the stand. Probably just been bunged togther for the photo judging by the hanging motor wires. From this distance the rust on the bed looks light enough to cause no problems. Poorly described and a crap picture so might be a bargain.


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Charles Ping

Pour les tour-istes? Eh bien?

or are we into French puns?

Le Tour d'Eiffel-non?

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No, for lefthanded! Rare!


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Nick Mueller

Looks like a seven series on it's stand backwards.

Would be better if there was some idea of what the front looks like. Gearbox? Power x-feed? Stuff like that.

Dunno if the lathe is showing rust, or is dirty and coming out looking of rust in the pics. I have taken lots of pictures of tools that came out looking like they were very rusty, but were not.

Cheers Trevor Jones

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Trevor Jones

Not after this publicity! --

Chris Edwards (in deepest Dorset) "....there *must* be an easier way!"

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Chris Edwards

Hi, Chris

Thanks for yor help over the weekend both successful and much appreciated.

Always difficult to guess when something is this badly presented, do they genuinely need help? Is it a case of it must be openly sold but they don't want the price to go too high so that they get a good deal. Or, is it just a case of there being something to hide. Perhaps I watch too many Inspector Morse DVDs but at times life can make us very cynical. I guess truth will out when they respond to the e-mails they will surely get. At the moment it appears well set up for a very tall left hander who likes to work leaning across the machine with a mirror. I think I've just taken a piece of his work of my own S7, don't ask it is too embarrassing.

Best regards


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