Carbon fibre rod supplier

I'm trying to find a UK supplier of 2mm diameter carbon fibre rod
plus other sizes and tubeing. Anybody help me please.
Many thanks, Nigel
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Looks like you might get some here...
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Allan Waterfall
I have bought 2mm diameter (and other sizes) of carbon fibre rod from the 'Bristol Kite Centre' telephone, 01177 974 5010
I do not have their postal address to hand (Google does not show a kite shop with that exact name) so I dont know if they have a website.
I've always has good service from them.
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Ian Phillips
Yes, that is the one. The website does not seems to show completed kites only but I am sure they still sell the raw materials.
Ian (just a satisfied customer)
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Ian Phillips
"Nige" schrieb:
That's not a Problem, my Boss speaks a reasonambly better english than mine... ;-)
But You got plenty of UK sources, one may think...
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Michael Buchholz
Nige wrote in news:
Dunstable Kites have a downloadable catalogue of parallel Carbon and GRP rod and tubing and prices on their website.
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and select the spare parts icon at the top of the page.
Length is limited to 1 metre and 1.5 metres, possibly due to postal restrictions, but courier services will transport longer lengths or thin rod can be coiled with little detrament or 'memory'. Tubing is more rigid and can't be coiled.
2mm carbon rod is £1.50 per metre + postage. The smallest Carbon tube they list is 3.2mm which may be 2mm bore (ask, and check prices as they fluctuate) Sizes go to 8mm rod and 12mm tube in carbon. Beware of some sites selling cheap tapered 'fishing rod/pole' spiral wrapped blanks if your requirement is for parallel rod and tubing.
The site doesn't have a shopping trolley. Order by email and pay by post per home page instructions.
There are other kitemaking supplies retailers in the UK which will supply tube and rod in grp, carbon and kevlar in longer lengths to 3 metres, but you may need to collect or order a minimum amount. A local kite flying club may be willing to help from their offcuts box if you only need a small amount
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Doc Savage.
If you want small quantities & don't mind 1m lengths, most aero model shops stock rod & tube in this sort of size.
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Guy Griffin
Carbon tube of 6mm up to 14mm diameter and up to 2.5 metres long can be obtained from model yachting suppliers.
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in Essex
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in the Wirral
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near Bedford are some with web sites.
All are friends but I'm not on commission!
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