Cheapie CAD program - advice please

I've recently acquired a new PC running Vista, and my old version of
TurboCAD-7 won't run despite applying several of the so-called fixes.
Does anyone know of a cheap basic 2D CAD program that will work
reliably on Vista?
Mike D
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May be worth phoning Avanquest and asking about upgrades to Turbocad. They were at the Ascot ME show offering some pretty hefty discounts. Would keep you on the same learning curve.
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Norman Billingham
On or around Tue, 09 Oct 2007 06:39:35 -0700, durnfjm enlightened us thusly:
how cheap and basic?
I've got a thing called CadStd which is written by some bloke in america.
dunno if it runs under vista but it works in XP x64 here.
but it is pretty basic. The full one is better than the lite one, and cheap to licence.
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seems a decent bloke.
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Austin Shackles
Anyone tried Intellicad under XP?
There was/is a freebie release going around from the early 2000's, goes up to AcadR14 in compatibility, and reads and prints all our V11 DOS stuff as well.
Peter -- Peter A Forbes Prepair Ltd, Rushden, UK
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Prepair Ltd
I have IntelliCAD 2000 running under XP and it seems to be OK.
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Don Rutherford
Thanks, Don:
We are Win2kPro users, but nice to know that it will run OK should we have to change to XP, hope we don't have to though...
Peter -- Peter & Rita Forbes Email: Web:
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Peter A Forbes
Put linux on it and run Qcad.
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Carl Neil Ellwood
Intellicad 2000 was a slightly cut down version of Intellicad which was free. Unfortunately it has been pulled and all references to it on the web also removed.
ProgeCAD then brought out a light version, again free but this has also been pulled. On there web site they say a new free version is coming out in January 2007 but it hasn't been updated.
I still have both install exe files but at 50 odd meg they can't be easily passed on unless it's by CD and snail mail.
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John Stevenson
I have used Autosketch since version 2 (currently 9).
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Charles Lamont
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or to send oversize files. There are bound to be others. Geoff
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