Clarke CL500M lathe / mil

I have recently brought a second hand Clarke CL500M lathe/mill. The mill
head has a milling chuck that takes collets and I'd like to be able fit a
standard drill chuck in it's place, but I can't remove the milling chuck.
I've tried all my biggest hammers to no avail, there seems to be a slot that
takes a tapered thingy that should eject the head, I have tried that but I'm
not sure my taper is the right size. I've also tried whacking the threaded
shaft that runs all the up, but I think I'll break something if I continue
with that. So I guess my question is... Is it just held in on taper or is
there something else that holds it in place, any advise would be gratefully
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All that banging will knock it out of true.
Is there perhaps a draw bar (from the other end) that is screwed up so holding the Morse Taper in tight?
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I spoke to the very helpful tec support guys at Clarkes. There was a draw bar holding it in, and after removing that and a bit of thought around what the drift was supposed to be doing, it pop out.... didn't even need by favourite hammer
Thanks for your help
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I'm unfamiliar with your m/c but tapered drift removal is common. Going back many years I recall loosening the draw bar about a turn and a reasonable tap with a copper or lead mallet being the norm on some tapered tooling. Having been 'CNC' since 1987 it's been a while since performing such a task!!
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Al Anonymous
On or around Thu, 16 Aug 2007 12:09:45 +0100, "Nigel" enlightened us thusly:
drawbar on it's big brother (CL12-summat), certainly. Loosen it about 2 turns and tap the top of the drawbar is my technique, then unscrew it. Helps if you make a chamfer around the head of the drawbar to stop it getting flattened and making the spanner fail to fit.. .
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Austin Shackles
"Austin Shackles" wrote in message news:
And don't leave the spanner on 'for next time', i've actually seen someone do that!! "DUCK!!!" ;-)
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Al Anonymous

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