ERDE 122 Trailer wheel bearings

One wheel bearing has seized, there is a dust cap protecting the bearing how does this come off? and how do I replace the wheel bearing. Any advice appreciated Don

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normally with a large flatblade screwdriver and a hammer. Gently persuade at the joint between the cap and the flange of the hub.

Once the dust cap is off the bearing is usually held on the flange with a castle-ated(?) nut and a splitpin. remove pin and nut and then wheelhub assy. One side might be left hand threaded, but probably not.

Once off generally drift / press out old bearing and press in new one.

Can you even get the bearing as a spare part?



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dave sanderson

Yes, taper rollers at a guess like my cheap flat pack ebay 1/2 ton jobby. Get the numbers off the side of the race and go to a bearing factors - I used The Bearing Mart, Jackson Street, Manchester. I think the cheap Chinese bearings that come as standard only last a few thousand miles, well one of mine only managed about 6 months of very occasional use. Replace them with something better quality and you'll be fine for ages.


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As others have said regarding the hub and bearings, but if you have brakes on the trailer, slacken the shoes the right back before you start. Richard

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Richard Shute

I've used these guys for bearings before and had good service.

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I've no connection with them.


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