Fitting out a workshop

I have this list, in order of use and purchase:

hand tools


power tools - drill and angle grinder

pillar drill

lathe and initial tooling

cheap grinder

more lathe tooling, probably forever

better pillar drill

surface table and measuring equipment



bigger lathe

flat grinder

good tool grinder

sheet metal bender, may be higher priority depending on work to be done


centerless grinder

I am now at about the bandsaw stage, and am only guessing about the later stuff. It's a sort-of plan. Comments?

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Peter Fairbrother
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As a minimum Add initial tooling to mill Add 'mill tooling probably forever' somewhere after mill


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The planned sequence is *always* wrong. You either need something *now* and will buy it (out of sequence), or you get a bargain and completely change your plans. Not to forget -re the bargain- it will trigger absolutely new needs and rearrange the planned (planned? you must be dreaming!) sequence.

Anybody risking to contradict?

Next thing I will buy is ... er ... I'm currently making Z, but this requires making Y in advance to make making Z easier. Maybe I'll make X in advance to speed things up a bit. Speed things up? Sorry, had some beer. :-)


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Nick Mueller

stuff. It's a sort-of plan. Comments? <

Comments? Nothing much, other than "CopyCat"!

Your "sort of plan" pretty much mirrors the 'organic growth', as the poncy people say, of MY garage workshop. 'cept mine was done without any sort of plan what-so-ever, just a continuous series of happenstance.

It just so happens I have just unloaded a nice size bandsaw, for a nice size price, out of the back of t'Vectra.(thanks, once again you've helped me spend money! ) Can anybody help direct me to where I can find out about welding my own blades? Am sure I saw a thread not long ago where someone silver- soldered them?



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Welding/soldering gear?

Stu G

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I'd put "kettle" and "Comfy chair" top of the list.

Got a first aid kit...with eyewash?

As for about a powered hacksaw?

Stu mentioned welding/brazing....and you'd need to decide early on where you were going to put a hearth...


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Stephen Howard


I need to add a couple of things to your plan as you have made serious ommisions (BG).

The first is provision for some urgent and vital medical treatment and various stages through the collecting process, this is necessary for:

  1. RSI (Repetative Strain Injury) - this occurs due to the continual "dipping" into pocket to pay for essential bits. It is unavoidable and should be considered a normal hazard, in my experience a H&S Assessment doesn't help.

  1. A regular and teriffic pain in the neck and ears. This happens to most but not all and is caused when SWMBO finds out just HOW MUCH that last batch of tools cost.

Another "plannable" event is the purchase of flowers, chocs, perfume or jewelery necessary to cure the second issue mentioned above.

All plans should be titled Plan ABC, for those not on the shop floor it stands for All Blo**y Changed.



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from jontom contains these words:

That comment reminds me of a computing customer of mine who's wife was a joint director in their company and when I asked her for a 'memorable' password for an e-mail account she didn't hesitate to say 'OWMUCH'.

This was a regular exclamation from him when ever she returned from a shopping trip :)

This same customer really got a present after a particularly stupid 'deal' he did when he bought 12 new lorries (Transport business) with personalised number plates without discussing the matter with her first . . . . . . the numberplates were PMT 1 to PMT 12 . . . .

She got a band new Jag XJR out of it :)


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Peter -

The one serious omission from your list is "at least twice as much workshop space as I thought in my wildest dreams that I would need, and preferably a lot more." The rest you can figure out as you go along.

Kitting out a workshop isn't a terminating process (other than by popping your clogs), so you should reasonably expect that in a much shorter time than you would believe, you don't have any more space for that essential new machine. So, however big a workshop you thought you would need, double it, add a bit more for luck, and it will still be too small in just a few years time.

The ultimate failure is to put yourself in a position where the management can use the "But you haven't got enough room for it" argument against you!

Regards, Tony

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Tony Jeffree

On or around Fri, 23 Feb 2007 12:27:01 +0000, Tony Jeffree enlightened us thusly:


it doesn't work like that, anyway. Stuff arrives and leaves as you need it/can find some mug to buy it.

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Austin Shackles

SELL STUFF??? Call yourself an engineer? Everyone knows that the one that ends up with the most toys wins

Regards, Tony

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Tony Jeffree

I thought it was the one with the least floor left, after all bigger toys score more points.


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In that case, John S and Tim Leech have a looooong lead over everyone else!


-- Peter A Forbes Prepair Ltd, Luton, UK

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Prepair Ltd

Absolutely...every time John S runs out of "floor" he seems to build another 1,000 sq meters or so onto his "garage" to replenish the supply. I'm convinced that his workshop is the original prototype that the Beeb used for the Tardis

Regards, Tony

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Tony Jeffree

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