Hearty well done to Charles and John !

Salutations and a hearty Well Done to Charles Ping and John Stevenson
for taking up the reins and getting the replacement Chris Heapy site
up and running. I wish you both well.
Meanwhile if anyone hears from Chris Heapy - or indeed Chris if you
get to read this - I'd personally like to thank you for having run a
splendid service for Model Engineers (and I believe those interested
in Astronomy) for several years. If as has been mentioned some have
critised you please understand that the VAST majority much appreciated
what you were doing and as is often the case it is only a tiny
minority that cause problems for the rest.
If anyone has news of Chris I would much like to hear.
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Andrew Mawson
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Well said Andrew.
Regards, Tony
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Tony Jeffree
Hear, Hear, from me too, I wish the new site every success.
Out of nostalgia, I will still keep looking to see if Chris's site is back up. I have never met Chris and only 'know' him from reading the odd comment that he sometimes put when he made changes or had suffered PC troubles but I thought he did a great service to us all. (and I never even bought or sold anything on his site!)
One question (aimed at Charles & John) occurs to me.
If, and it seems a big 'if' now, Chris was to get his site up and running again, what would you do?
Ian Phillips
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Ian Phillips
If Chris comes back then
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becomes a big redirect to his site!
If he has made a positive decision to give up then maybe he could setup a redirect from his site....
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Charles Ping
Surely, someone here must have 'some' knowledge of Chris's whereabouts?
I do hope he hasn't got involved in the Tsunami tragedy, that would be awful beyond words.
Peter -- Peter & Rita Forbes Email Address: snipped-for-privacy@easynet.co.uk Web Pages for Engine Preservation:
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Peter A Forbes
This was posted on uk.sci.astronomy on 10-1-05
That group too is devastated by the aparent loss of 'uk astroads' which Chris also hosted.
"Chris is OK, he was out observing on Friday (on his own though - he went to the wrong site!). I hear he is just a bit fed-up with the hassle he gets from AstroAds; the fairly constant dribble of complaints and whinging in his in-box. There is a fair amount of manual work required to keep the site maintained and his enthusisum has waned - lets hope the new year brings renewed vigour. I know Chris reads this group from time to time so maybe he will chip in when he gets a chance.
Mark "
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Ian Phillips
Nice to hear that Chris is ok hope he is soon up and running
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Wilf Baker
Chris if you do read this NG: "Don't let the bastards get you down" said by some politician I believe to someone no longer resident in the UK. GeoffH Norfolk
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