Impressions of Ally Pally Show.

They can make U turns though!


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or a cyclist traveling at less than 10mph



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For the purpose of enforcing traffic laws the distinction between a private road and a public one is far less than it was at one time.

IANAL but generally if the public are allowed access most traffic laws can be enforced. This enables the police to be take action against Boy racers using Supermarket Car parks as race tracks for example.

Somewhere in the past 5 years a farmer was prosecuted in his own field possibly for excess alcohol after an incident. The field at the time had been opened up for a Gymanka/Village Fete /Traction engine rally sort of event. hence at the time the field was deemed to be accessible to the public.


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RTA 1992 ISTR. You can now be had for dangerous driving or, as you say, for driving under the influence.

This Act is the reason why all motor sport events, even ad-hoc ones run by informal motor clubs must now have a permit from the MSA, else all the drivers could be guilty of dangerous driving.

However, the Act does not specify road markings.

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