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Today I have been to the Alexandra Palace to the model engineering show, I arrived at 10:00 and didn't have to queue at all, not like past years, the hall was very low on people for the first two hours I was there. Shame really as there were plenty of stalls and models to look over. When I arrived I approached the pay booths and offered a ten pound note and got a Senior Citizen ticket and one pound fifty change, I didn't know whether to be annoyed or chuffed, annoyed because I'm not quite 55 or chuffed because I saved a pound :-))

Martin P

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Charles Hamilton

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I got there at about 1215, also no queues, but despite being 58 and tottering up on a tin leg I had to pay £9.50 (I obviously look sooo young, must have had a virtuous life!). To make matters worse, my minder (SWMBO) had to pay £9.50 as well, despite only being there to catch me if I fell over - some places have special deals for the disabled, reduced price and/or free carer.

Wasn't much of an exhibition, as far as I could see, though I may have missed some parts. Was *very* crowded. Reasonable trade support, but one or two notable absences (esp. Myford).

Heard on the Warco stand that their prices are going up about 15% after the exhibition, i.e. Monday, so if you were thinking of buying from them get on the web site now....

Spent a fortune, cleaned Rotagrip out of S1 Dickson toolholders and got a very nice rotary attachment for my Clarkson T&C grinder, plus a couple of v. heavy items from Warco. SWMBO swears her arms are longer; fortunate for her, then, that H&WM agreed to take the Clarkson rotary thingy back home with them for later delivery (they are quite close to me, and were coming for other reason anyway).

All in all, an exhausting 2-3 hours for me, a nightmare drive for SWMBO, and a day of her life she won't get back again, but nice to know I can still get round such a do.


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David Littlewood


I was delighted when I was assumed to be an OAP last time I went there at the age of 55. There are few advantages to becoming old so I am preparared to make the most of them, though I can't say I am looking forward to relying on a bus pass.

Cliff Coggin.

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Cliff Coggin

I was in deepest Oxfordshire with my Saxons. It rained both nights - horizontally they told me as they sloshed in from the pub - but both days were clear with warm sunshine even if it was a tad breezy today.

Whilst the 80+ fit young 'uns hacked & slayed each other, the crafty ones sat in the Village Hall & made arrows, sewed leather & suchlike stuff.

A Longhall Doors meeting finalised the design of the double planked & framed English oak front doors & an order was placed for the four hand made ornate hinges, the result of much research & driving about to look at extant Early Mediaeval Church doors. I did my bit and found the funds (about £2k we reckon) from sponsorship!

A good run home completed a particularly successful weekend.

If you don't have a clue what I'm on about, have a look at these recent photos - how others do live, eh? ;o))

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Looks very much like one of the 17th century re-enactment "musters" that I was invited along to many years ago. As far as I could tell it was largely an excuse to dress up in strange costumes & get pissed on pints of Adnams. Nothing wrong with that, of course ;-)

Regards, Tony

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Tony Jeffree

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