Inverter drive on Ebay

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No commercial connection with this at all but it looks like a bargain to me.

7.5 kW Siemens three phase in, 3 phase out inverter

That is 10HP !!

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Auction completes at 16.30 on Sunday and is currently sitting at 99p plus £10.00 post.

I've used smaller siemens inverters with great success and they seem very rugged.



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Bob Minchin
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Like a lot of commercial invertors this is only part of the package. They come with set factory parameters and you need a separate control panel to program this up. Two types of panel. Simple gives you control of speed, frequency and jog at £30.00 odd quid extra. Advanced gives you same plus faults, display and comms for £150 odd quid extra.

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John Stevenson Nottingham, England.

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John Stevenson

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