I was browsing through the latest "gadgetshop" catalogue that came in the post today -the usual array of over priced gimmicks that are fun for five minutes. But then I came across something that I thought could be useful to anyone who uses a PC in the workshop or has a PC based CNC machine. They sell a flexible rubber full sized keyboard, that is fully waterproof "you can actually wash it with soap and water". Could mean an end to hoovering swarf from in between the keys, and it was only £15. Would be ideal for sticking on a machine cabinet front.



PS if they have them for £15 there must be someone selling them for a tenner

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Kevin Steele
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Bought one once they are crap. There is no feel to them and the keys wobble all over the place. Like having a knee trembler standing up on a water bed - or so I'm told :-(

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John Stevenson Nottingham, England.

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John Stevenson

I used to have a keyboard like that - it was called a Sinclair ZX81 I think

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Henry Springer

Clingfilm works really well - and, of course, if it gets fouled with oil, just whip it off and pop a fresh bit on. Works even better if you have a low profile keyboard ( with laptop style keys ).


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Stephen Howard


I put one on the front of my converted ORAC lathe running turboCNC. I wouldn't want to use it for word processing due to the features John S reported, but in fairness it is water and chip proof and does the job. Saves having to hide a normal one from flying swarf - I stuck mine on with double sided tape.

I did source another for another machine but it suffered from lots of key bounce to the extent I couldn't log on ! Sent two back and ended up with a refund, but the one on the ORAC has been ok


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Andrew Mawson

It seems this is not something to buy mail order -better to see & try one in the flesh I think.

Regards Kevin

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Kevin Steele

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