Making shim washers

I need to make a number of round shim washers. Is there a secret to doing this or am I better off buying them? The problem with buying them is to find a use for the several hundred unused ones. Since Whiston's closed nowhere seems to supply them in mixed size bags which were ideal for my needs


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Charles P
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You don't say what material, or how thick, or even what diameters.

You can cut steel shim up to maybe 15 thou or so OK with an ordinary wad punch, get a good sized block of some serious hardwood and cut against the (smoothly cut) end grain. Obviously if you're doing loads of these it won't do the punch a lot of good, but it's worked fine for me or odd ones & twos. I've cut bigger, thicker ones on the CNC mill sandwiched between two pieces of ply, you could do it manually with a rotary table, but either way that is a lot more work.


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flypress and couple of punches?

press is about 50 quid. tooling can be made easily.

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Wad punch - a damn good idea. Thanks Tim

Brass, up to 10 thou. 1 9/16 OD, 1 1/8" ID (and some slightly bigger) Should be OK for the job

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Charles P

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