No comments on the provision of plans with or the editorship of Dave
I am very pleasantly surprised at the plans inserts - especially after
Magicalia's threatening stance toward JWEarly in some of the Yahoo
groups. If anyone had the money (won the lottery recently) it would be
interesting to have a court challenge on articles pre- say 1950 now being
in the public domain.
I like the editorship of Dave Clark, he seems to be a take-charge kind of
a guy and the magazine is turning around for the better IMHO. Pity that
Malcolm Stride feels unable to continue his column, not an
i/c man myself, but glad to read the design process and see the products
being made. Neville Evans almost is a re-incarnation of his namesake, and
I enjoy Keith Wilson's natterings on - what a fount of knowledge.
Mike in BC
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michael gray
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