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I'm posting this on behalf of my dad, who doesn't do e-mail.

"I am looking for the plans to build the solenoid powered 'hit-or-miss' model stationary engine that was featured in a 3-part serialized metal-working shop project in the early 1950s or possibly late 40s Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, or Mechanix Illustrated magazines."

If this rings a bell for anyone, I'd appreciate hearing from you. Thanks,

Cliff Doerksen

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If they were in Popular Mechanics, I may be able to help but it will take me a few days to sift through paper copies of what I have. Email me if you are interested or get no other replies.


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Mike Henry

FWIW the HSM magazine recently did a 3 'cylinder' version of the same type of motor.


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jim rozen

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E. Walter Le Roy

Hey Cliff,

Do a GOOGLE on "solenoid hit and miss". Your Dad is apparently not the only one looking. I would think that if he does not find a set of plans, that it would not be too hard to design, and that way he would get a "size" he wants.

Take care.

Brian Laws>Hi:

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