Myford ML7

While having a clear out I found a receipt for a ML7 I purchased from Reeves when they were down the Mossesly Rd. in Brum 1962

Cash Price £94.00 Deposit £24.0

12 Months @ £6.13.0 Charges £9.16.0 Total £103.16.00 Delivery 10 - 12 weeks Myford were no better then Regards Ben
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Says that £94 in 1962 would be about £1450 today. A bargain at today's actual prices.

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Dave Baker

My Super 7 with gearbox (and motor) cost the princely sum of £60 in 1958 (ish). It had one bed regrind a couple of years back and a replacement cross slide screw and nut many years back (just about due another replacement) and otherwise it is still going strong and accurate. ...... the motor isn't, that's been replaced with a variable speed drive that transforms the pleasure of turning.

I guess there are plenty of well used Myfords around. I wonder if the imported models with have the same longevity?


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Alan Marshall

Probably not. There are a few machine tools which come from the far east and are well made (Sharp lathes for example), but I think they're the exception.

Best wishes,


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Christopher Tidy

Mine is around 35 years old now. It has been used a lot. I used to make clock parts with it. There has been no need to remove shims from the headstock bearings so far.

Steve R.

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Steve R.

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