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Having run out of my supply of Esso Nuto H 44 oil, I was advised by Myfords that I could use any oil meeting ISO VG32 for the ML super7 bearings. I've picked up a can of Ambra brand oil locally, but it is labelled ISO VG32/46.

Presumably the definition VG32/46 means that the oil is suitable for requirements ranging from ISO VG32 all the way through to ISO VG46, and so it is therefore suitable for my needs. If not, I would be pleased to know before I use it! Thanks, Geoff Marshall

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It's fine - it meets, and exceeds VG32.


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Stephen Howard


I think it should be Nutto H 32.This is a hydraulic oil and should b available at your nearest oil retailer such as agricultura supplies.All the oil producers will do an equivalent spec.

Of course you can always get it from Myfords at an exhorbitant price i you want. :)

The only problem that arises from mail order is that it can virtuall double the price with delivery.


-- Allan Waterfal

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Allan Waterfall

Hi Allan.

VG 32 is a "standard" hydraulic Oil for Hydraulic System as so cranes, presses, wood splitters, back-hoes and so on.

It is available everywhere there is something of Hydraulic running around.

It is a pure mineral or synthetic "base" oil with the only performance to don't absorb "air humidity" and keep "air" (air bubble) in it.

Any brand is equivalent. Nuto is the Exxon rtm and OSO the Agip one.


WinXP, from Venice, Italy

PS.- I have visited suggested Steam Engine Mfrs. Some news in weekend.

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