Opti BF20 Vario or RF25 mill

I am looking for a desktop/bench mill to cut Aluminium. I however do not want to be limited only to Aluminium. I may on the odd occasion need to cut Steel.

I have looked at both the BF20 (115kg MT2)and RF25(200kg R8) mills. The BF20 has a square column and seems like it may be easer to convert to CNC than the RF25 which has a round column. The RF25 however is a more robust machine.

The specs that I have on the BF20 says that it has a 850W DC motor and the RF25 has a 500W AC motor.

I was wondering if anyone has any advice on which machine may be better from a function point of view.

The machine will be used in my workshop and not for production purposes.


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Brian Maynard
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