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There was some mention here recently of buying machine manuals etc from the original makers, sometimes cheaper than ebay etc.

I was impressed when I applied to Dean, Smith & Grace for a manual for my 'new' old 17" lathe. Within 2 working days I had a copy of the manual *for that particular lathe*, including a copy of the original order sheet from 1955. Supplied new to A. Reyrolle in Hebburn, Co Durham, evidently part of a batch of three as the spec included that the 'travelling stay' ordered as an extra should also fit two other lathes, numbered above & below this one. Sadly, the travelling stay must have travelled elsewhere as has the (standard equipment) fixed steady.

Price of the machine was £1652 - 10 - 0 in 1955.

Price of the manual today was £30 including VAT & postage. Not cheap, but worth it IMO. There's someone offering copies of the DSG 1709 manual, a fairly similar later version, on ebay for about half that, but for me this was the better deal.

Anyone got a spare DSG 17" steady or two?

Cheers Tim Dutton Dry-Dock Traditional & Modern canal craft repairs Vintage diesel engine service

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Tim Leech
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The guy at budget machery

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seams to have a regular stream of DSG'S passing thru.

give him a shout .

all the best...mark

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Have you tried Reyrolle in Hebburn, Co Durham ??

Sorry Tim, couldn't resist.

-- Regards,

John Stevenson Nottingham, England.

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John Stevenson

I wanted a manual for my Deckel FP1 (built 1946), so I wrote a naive letter, handwritten, to DMG (the merger including Deckel), and I got a copy of both manuals plus accessories cataloge for free.

For my Wohlhaupter boring and planing head I did the same and it worked to. Manual, accessories list, current cataloge. For free.

Just write a letter that you finally got the machine you wanted and always dreamed of by hand, don't leave out some errors, add that you will pay if it costs and you get it for free. :-))


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Nick Müller

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