Parting Off problems solved by an old handkerchief

Parting Off problems?
All you need is an old hankerchief!
Ever done a successful parting off but then wondered where
your carefully machined pride-and-joy widget went when
it finally parted from your bar stock?
Somewhere deep down inside your lathe, perhaps, where
there are countless years of swarf and congealed cutting oil
accumulated during the years of stewardship of the previous
Well, all you need now is a handherchief, placed between the
headstock and the carriage (but carefully checked that the
rotating chuck isn't gooing to whip it round) cunningly placed to catch
all the swarf, but more important, to catch your little widget!

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--That's why I use aluminum foil; if something snags you're not out a finger!
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If the parts are hollow, it's even easier - thread a wire up the inside to catch them as they fall away.
Cliff Coggin.
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Cliff Coggin
Or use a slightly undersize drill in the tailstock
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