Powersaw for Gareth

This is genuine and 100%, no wind up.
If you are in need of a powersaw I have one of these Taiwanese 6" x 4"
horizonal / vertical saws, the type that sell for around 170 pounds.
It's about 15 years old but in good condition, in fact the earlier ones
were better than the later Chinese ones. This one is on a proper stand
instead of the crap sheet metal thing and it has been fitted with coolant.
I don't use this now as I have a bigger 18" x 13" saw now, I kept it back
for the odd bit of site work but I'm packing that up.
For you my son 85 quid and I'll load it because I must admit it does weight
just a tad more than 3 bags of sugar.
You have a choice, you can either collect it or I will deliver it for
diesel money based on the big Hiab truck doing 8 to the gallon.
Nearly forgot there must be about 10 new blades with this.
Can I be fairer than that??????????
John Stevenson
Nottingham, England.
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John Stevenson
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Gareth OM, I didn't hear from you over what I thought was a generous offer, however someone else on the list popped up to ask if it really was a wind up and I replied it was genuine, after all I have a reputation of a cynical trader to preserve. As you didn't reply this has now been sold to the person who asked. One saw, on stand with coolant and 10 new blades for 85 quid.
I realise that this was way overpriced being as it probably only cost 2 bowls of rice and I have used it unmercifully for many years and it been wrote off against tax, [ TAX as in pay to the Govt to redistribute in unemployment benefit ] Consequently this 85 quid is pure profit which I'm happy to admit will go a long way to ensuring my mantel of remaining a cynical,, NAY -- THE CYNICAL TRADER to last a long while yet.
John Stevenson CTE Cynical Trader Extraordinary
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John Stevenson
I resemble that remark!!!
Mr Stevenson, I have to say that you are indeed a misleading and cynical trader - just like that bloke, whats-his face, says.
When I agreed to purchase said device I didn't expect to get the blades and the coolant system for the £85...
However, I have taken a deep breath and I WILL accept as I gave my word, and the word of a Scouser is his bond(ask any Policeman). TTFN Les
John Stevens> > Gareth OM,
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Les Dodd

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