re Heads Up Lathe for sale - cheap

Hi All

Some time ago I posted a message that I may have a lathe to dispose of cheap - a Kerry.

Sorry for the delay in responding but the lathe has finally been collected by a member of staff and is therefore no longer available.

There was one person whose name is Richard who expressed a particular interest and true to form I cannot find his email address :o(

Sorry for not getting in contact with you directly Richard and hope that you see this message.



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Dudley Simons
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Hello Dudley, Thanks for posting the message, shame about the lathe, but that's life. I guess it'll save me some bother with SWMBO regarding my collection of 'junk' (useful old tools actually, dear!).

rgds Richard

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Richard Shute

Is this the one you stole?

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Guy Fawkes

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