Remarkable rust inhibitor !

It seems peat is a marvellous rust inhibitor - look at:

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I presume that there must have been precious little oxygen in that lake


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Andrew Mawson
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Yep - the mud on lake bottoms tends to be pretty anaerobic. So the moral seems to be if you want to stop yer lathe from rusting, bury it in a few tons of sh....

Regards, Tony

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Tony Jeffree

I was watching the UK History Channel last night. Apparently, the Irish Bogs have yielded almost intact human remains which it is claimed have been dated to just before the Birth of Christ. The 'mummies' were actually still flexible. We still have our 'spare' skull which lives in a Jacobs cream cracker box. Ours, Tony, has a trepanned top - and not a dividing head. My daughter teaches on 'phantom heads'

We are a load of head cases!

Just a thought or three


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It is. It has a higher affinity for oxygen than the steel does, so a peat bog is effectively anoxic. They're even pulling aluminium aircraft out of those bogs in restorable condition.

OTOH, _flowing_ water through peat is as bad as ever.

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Actually, there is a Christmas ghost story which I wrote up in Star News, the Journal of RAF 31 Squadron Association.The ghost was real enough, it was the day when Glenn Miller disappeared on the 14th December 1944. On the same day, a Flying Fortress was separated from its squadron and re-appeared over the Scottish Lowlands - coming from the North instead of going to a Cambridge airfield. In the late winter clouds it landed in what it believed to be a lit airfield. There was one only a mile or two away. The B-17 crashed at 2670 feet- but in a snow field called the Hell Hole on Cheviot. It is still there, preserved in the peat and as the viscosity changed bits of it rise out of the ground - and then disappear again. Is it just a story? The records of both crashes are documented- in what was my old airfield and now the RAF Museum at Hendon. In that story, is the other story about - well, another body. A Bronze Age one, oh and a skull with the top sawn off. Nope, ours is a lady, this was is a gentleman's.But I digress- like the B-17 and Miller's Norseman which was heading 400 miles off course.

Norm wrote:

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