Scale petrol engines

I am looking for information about scale perol engines. What is available in
kit form? Can anyone in the group please point me in the right direction?
Many thanks in advance.
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Bob Gambles
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Bob, here's a link to try:
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Not so much kits, but the plans, castings and raw materials to make your own engines.
Another suggestion is a google search for "miniature internal combustion engines" which should turn up sites of interest with links to suppliers. Some of the Yahoo groups cover MICE stuff in a lot more detail than here or r.c.m., worth checking out the following to see if the guys there can help:
LittleEngines LittleEngines2 Min_Int_Comb_Eng modelicengines
Hope this helps.
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Duncan Munro
--Also check out the FAQ for rec.crafts.metalworking; there's a whole section on sources of castings, plans, etc.
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The best place i have found for information about Model IC engines is on the yahoo groups Min_Int_Comb_Eng and modelicengines. You can either register with yahoo groups (both these groups are moderated so spam isn't a problem), and become a member of the groups, or you can send email an email to subscribe to the groups, but i'm not sure how you do this.
I would recommend that youu register with yahoo groups, as this gives you greater control of how the group emails are sent to you (All individual Emails / Daily Digest / No emails).
I would also recommend that you read through the archives as there is a great deal of information in them. There is also plenty pictures of model engines to look at.
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Moray Cuthill

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