Scale couplings for Hornby engines?

I have built a number of the Parkside-Dundas OO wagon kits and fitted
them with scale 3-link couplings. They all look nice and I can hook
them up to each other, the problem is I only have Hornby engines with
the nasty looking Hornby coupling. I have had a good hunt around on
the web and in my local model shop but I can't find any hint of
exactly what I need. Any suggestions on what I should be looking for?
I'm sure there must be something available somewhere.
Thanks in advance,
Stephen Quinney
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Stephen Quinney
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"Stephen Quinney" wrote
Smith's manufacture 3-link, instanter and screw coupling kits which are exactly what you want.
If you can't get them locally, give me a shout.
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John Turner
Sounds interesting. Does anyone know of a source for these on the left side of the pond? (USA or Canada works equally well.) Also, a URL to a picture would be most helpful.
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Dave Curtis

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