Hooks for Hornby couplings

Anyone know if you can get replacement hooks for the larger Hornby
couplings? If so from where?
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Chris Wilson
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"Chris Wilson" wrote
You should be able to get them from any Hornby stockist Chris.
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John Turner
"John Turner" wrote in news:dl838b$pb3$ snipped-for-privacy@newsreaderm2.core.theplanet.net:
Cheers, as you might have guessed I'm having a bit of a drive to sort my couplings out.
By the way here's a little tip that's working for me.
Cast your own NEM coupler pockets and add weight to your wagons at the same time.
I've been changing all my tension lock couplings to newer versions, old Hornby/Triang, Ratio and so forth all gone ... I'm still using tension locks but with an eye to the future I'm using NEM coupling pockets as much as possible. Buying the couplings themselves is easy enough but the pockets are a little awkward to find so ...
1. Make a master with Miliput but don't forget to make a hole for the screw 2. Put is face down in a small tray 3. Pour in moulding compound so that it comes level with the top of the master. 4. Let is set then remove the master 5. Cast using a high quality (has to be high quality so the socket iis moulded properly) white metal filling to the top of the mould 6. Repeat the above twice 7. Make a new mould using the initial master and the tree new castings. 8. Then as per step 5
Gently file the top of the castings to make them "true", then screw in to position. As they're made of white metal they don't need tapping and Bob's your uncle. Easiest casting you'll ever make and a nice little introduction if you've never cast before.
New NEM coupler pockets that also add weight to your stock.
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Chris Wilson

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