Computer Crashed - Still need some s hooks

A while back, I put out a request for people to make me some S hooks, as in forged, hammered, look like hand made S hooks.

I had replies, and kept them in my archives. Then I had a computer crash, and lost them.

If anyone is interested, or STILL interested, contact me AGAIN, and this time I will keep your addy in the computer AND in a paper notebook just in case. I am getting ready to make some items and need some S hooks.

Thanks again.


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I'm sorry your computer crashed Steve.

To keep your PC happy and humming we recommend performing a defrag each week, and keep both your Anti-Virus and SpyBot (or equivalent spyware prevention) up to date.

If you're running WinDoze, you should occasionally run Windows Critical Update. It also helps if you run Win Doctor and/or Disk Doctor (part of Norton System Works) to prevent further problems. This is not a plug for Norton System Works, I just happen to get good results with it.

Please understand I'm bringing these tips in from a 'helpful point of view'. Computer crashes are no fun. :-Q


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Please contact me by private email at your convenience. I'll be glad to discuss your "S" hooks and give you a price in email or by phone.

But they won't look handmade. They will be handmade.

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Search Google Groups rec.crafts.metalworking and your replies will be there.... Ken.

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Ken Sterling

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